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Why are Hotel to Apartment Conversions the Hottest Opportunity for Multifamily Investors?

July 28 - 30 | Chicago, IL | Oak Brook Hills Resort

Save Time & Money

Recycling an existing building is much faster than ground-up construction. Many of the infrastructure components are already in place including parking and upgraded electrical service.

Higher Occupancy

Location, location, location! Converted hotels tend to have higher occupancy rates due to their proximity to tourist hubs and other conveniences. Plus, many of these hotels are in locations where you can no longer build.

More Equity Available

It’s a buyers market. Today you can acquire a completely renovated apartment for well below replacement cost, often for under $40,000 per unit. Your equity goes much further in hotel to apartment conversions.

Flexible Financing

Banks are anxious to get foreclosed hotels off of their balance sheets (and into your hands!), and distressed sellers frequently provide flexible financing options.

Supply & Demand

Hotels are struggling post-pandemic because business did not bounce back. Plus, there is a severe lack of affordable housing in almost every market in the country, especially for studio units for single person households.

Here's What You'll Learn:

We’ll discuss the most common ways to find deals, but we’ll also share you untapped sources for hotel conversion deals before anyone else even knows about them.

Many hotels are just not suitable for apartment conversion. We’ll show you how to identify the best candidates (and the worst candidates) so you don’t waste time and money.

Financing and funding a hotel conversion is much different than a typical multifamily apartment building. We’ll explain the debt and equity options to get your project off the ground and fully funded, including recent case studies based on our personal experience.

The process for evaluating a hotel conversion is entirely different. Zoning laws, building codes and often locally elected officials all have a role in the process. We’ll take you through the entire process so your are confident before you make your first offer.

Do you use a purchase and sale agreement when acquiring a hotel? Or is an asset purchase agreement the right contract to use? Are you dealing with an independent hotel owner or a “flagged” property, and what is the implication when structuring a deal? We’ll teach you the ins and outs of this evolving market.

Hotel to apartment conversions use an entirely new language. We’ll teach you how to talk shop with the most experienced and sophisticated owner/operators and provide a full glossary of H2A terminology.

We will review typical template documents including letters of intent and purchase and sale agreements. Learn about franchise agreements, hotel management agreements, and joint venture and partnership agreements. We even cover the ins-and-outs of land use and planning and zoning laws.

Apply your training and expertise and tackle four engaging case studies based on real-life deals recently converted by the summit principals. Learn how to partner with us on your first hotel acquisition. Get involved with one of our hands-on programs for acquiring your first hotel to apartment to conversion property.

H2A Conversion Summit

The Palms ~ Las Vegas ~ November 3-5


Dear Investors,

I would like to personally invite you to attend the Hotel to Apartment Conversion Summit! We are preparing to delve into the up-and-coming world of hotel to apartment conversions, and to teach you how to become an expert in this new niche market.

At the Summit we will guide you through the intricacies of transforming hotels into vibrant and functional apartment spaces. From understanding zoning regulations to finding deals and sourcing capital, we will equip you with the skills needed to tackle this unique form of multifamily investing.

Participants are encouraged to actively participate, share ideas, and collaborate with fellow attendees to maximize the learning experience.

Let’s dive into this transformative program and turn hotels into beautiful homes.


Charles Dobens
Founder | MultifamilyOS™


The following benefits are included with each ticket purchase:

  • Admission to the 3-Day Event
  • Complimentary Meals
  • 3-Days of Intensive H2A Education
  • Opportunity to Participate in Exclusive H2A Fund
  • Your Own Copy of the H2A Playbook
  • Spouses Attend Free

What Previous Attendees Had to Say...

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John R.

I cannot speak highly enough about Charles and David and the program they've put together so you can learn H2A from start to finish.

There is a massive opportunity to be able to convert underperforming hotels into profitable and stable multifamily properties. There's nobody else doing this. There's nobody else talking about it.

Bernard W.

I love the Hotel to Apartment Conversion Summit. It was extremely helpful and I couldn't take notes fast enough!

I've been to many summits, and this one, by far, is the best. The networking component here was really helpful too.

Catherine D.

When you break down the numbers, this summit really, really gives you insight into the brilliance of Charles Dobens and David Peters' partnership, and enables you to look at your market and say, 'I can actually still find Multifamily, just from a different angle'.

For anyone on the fence, It's worth more than what we paid. The H2A Summit was a fantastic weekend.

Daniel D.

The Hotel to Apartment Summit was fantastic! My wife and I are super excited to get started.

Understanding how to value these hotels and turn them into apartments, and the potential for business going forward is going to be so immensely helpful in our business.

Francisco A.

I recommend everyone attend the H2A Summit. This is an opportunity to buy properties for much cheaper than what we're currently paying for apartments.

You need a steady hand guiding you through this process. Charlie is a Master Trainer and so is David. They are real life coaches. They have real life experience.

Dave B.

The Summit provides a lot of examples so you can develop a good vision of how H2A looks, what to look for, and how you can do it.

It's going to help us grow our multifamily business in a tough market. I came away with new ideas and a paradigm shift.

David F.

I just attended the H2A Summit. It was a phenomenal event! Whether you are a seasoned investor or someone new, this is a great time to find a new strategy.

Your Instructors

Charles Dobens, Esq.

Multifamily Attorney

Charles Dobens is a nationally recognized speaker and educator who has helped thousands of individuals achieve success in the multifamily investing space. With over two decades of experience investing in real estate, Charles brings unparalleled insight and knowledge to his courses and seminars. He continues to actively invest in multi-family properties across the United States with tremendous success.

Charles’s mission is to provide his students with the tools and resources needed to make sound real estate investments for long-term success. His passion for teaching and empowering others in the multifamily arena has made him a sought-after speaker, entrepreneur, author, investor, and mentor.

David Peters

Hotel Conversion Expert

David Peters co-founded First Floor Equity, an online platform for investors and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. First Floor provides a comprehensive selection of resources and tools to help build wealth through sound investment strategies and entrepreneurial pursuits. Their mission is to empower the individual investor, helping them take control of their financial future.

With 5 hotel conversions either under his belt or in development now, David has become the utmost expert in Hotel to Apartment Conversions. Overall, David's experience and expertise in hotel-to-apartment conversion make him a valuable resource for anyone interested in this type of real estate investing.

The Crisis in Affordable Housing

Did You Know...?

...the size of the elevators can determine whether a hotel can be converted into apartments?

...the specifics of the property's electrical service can impact how the deal is financed?

...every city and town is different when it comes to the number of parking spaces needed for a hotel to apartment conversion?

...the one person who can make or break a conversion may be a neighbor or an elected official?

The Hotel to Apartment Conversion (H2A) Summit is an event like no other…your unique opportunity to get in on the hottest segment in the multifamily industry!

Get unparalleled insights into hotel-to-apartment conversions, learn how to find the best deals, structure syndicates and leverage creative financing strategies. Plus, get up to speed with due diligence and lender selection.

Don’t miss out on your chance to gain actionable strategies from industry masters and embark on your journey towards financial freedom.

Aim high, invest wisely and secure your future with the Hotel to Apartment Conversion Summit!